Bauer SPO is the premier student organization for Supply Chain Management at the University of Houston C.T. Bauer College of Business. Since 2008, we have been tirelessly dedicated to our Vision:

“Producing the most professional and knowledgeable Sourcing and Procurement students.”


In order to understand the purpose and goals of the Bauer Sourcing & Procurement Student Organization, we have composed a Mission Statement:

“To provide our members with the resources to become professionals at major corporations through career opportunities, business networking, industry knowledge, professional development”

Upcoming Events

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Microsoft Info Session

At 6:30 pm
Engineering Lecture Hall, Room L2D2

Bake Sale: Hispanic Heritage Themed

At 8:00 am
Melcher Backdrum

National Day of Service – Houston Food Bank

At 8:00 am
535 Portwall St, Houston, TX 77029, United States

Alumni BBQ – Schweppe Park

At 12:00 pm
Schweppe Park

Plant Tour – Kuraray

At 9:30 am
11500 Bay Area Blvd

Mock Mixer 1

At 5:30 pm

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ID Course Name Duration Start Date
4330 Business Modeling & Analysis Semester August 22, 2016
4362 Demand and Supply Integration Semester August 22, 2016
4302 Energy Supply Chain Semester August 22, 2016
4380 Enterprise Resource Planning Semester August 22, 2016
4301 Logistics Management Semester August 22, 2016
4367 Managing Productivity & Quality Semester August 22, 2016
4312 Project Management for Energy Industries Semester August 22, 2016
3301 Service & Manufacturing Operations Semester August 22, 2016

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Event Categories

Bake Sales

Bake sales are held two to three times a semester at Melcher Hall during class hours. They allow students the opportunity to network with other members and officers in an informal setting. It also gives members fundraising experience as well as a chance to volunteer their time and expertise. It is one of the few events held all day, allowing members the flexibility of contributing while on campus.

Career Fair & Mixer

Career Mixer are one of Bauer SPO’s main membership benefits. This enables our students to have direct access to Corporate Partners that are recruiting students for Internships and Full-time positions. By Marketing yourself to corporations utilizing what you’ve learned at our development events in order to receive an Internship/Co-op or Full time

General Meetings

General Meetings (GM) are one of the main events of Bauer SPO. Each GM includes a guest speaker from a world renowned corporation to educate us about their companies culture, industry knowledge, and supply chain department. At the meeting food will be provided as well as a great opportunity to meet fellow SCM Major Students. We also encourage looking up information about the companies before hand to have good background knowledge and be able to ask relevant questions.


Philanthropy events are a way for us to give back to the community in which we live. It also gives us a way to interact with each other and improve teamwork skills. Throughout each semester we partner with different non-profit organizations in the Houston area and preform a variety of services. We have been involved with Feed My Starving Children, Trees for Houston and Kids Meals, just to name a few. We hope you come out and join us in giving back to our community!

Plant Tours

By attending plant tours you will have the opportunity to see each company’s processes and how they benefit the world. This is also a chance for you to learn how Supply Chain relates to every aspect of their business as well as a chance to ask specific questions about the company and the industry


Socials are a great way for our  members to build relationships and network in a fun and informal atmosphere. Building relationships within SPO is one of the factors to success, and is one of the greatest things people take away from this organization.

Student Development Events

Bauer SPO’s Student Development Program, or SDP, is engineered to provide our student members at the University of Houston with relevant information in respect to professionalism, interview preparation, and the supply chain industry; while focusing on the development of interpersonal, or “soft”, skills. The SDP’s intent is to assist our student members during their transition from a college student to a young supply chain professional.


Part of being a Coog means supporting your team. The University of Houston has a long standing tradition of being the premiere Division I college football team in the Houston area. Tailgates are a way for you to interact with your fellow SPO members on game day in a fun and casual environment where we can come together to support our team. Tailgates will consist of snacks/beverages and music, and encourage networking opportunities outside of the classroom. What better way to spend your game day experience than with Bauer SPO?

Events in Action