We have a wonderful opportunity for our SCM majors!

Description: This internationally recognized certificate program provides the foundation in contracts management. . The program is all online through educational modules, and members who get accepted will have a year to complete them.

2.Watershed Associates Negotiation
Description: For those that apply and are accepted, Watershed will host a 2 day workshop in Fall 18′ where members will be professionally trained on the strategies of negotiation.

Both of these educational opportunities are internationally recognized and will give you a competitive advantage in the workplace. Below are the links to programs to learn more about. Feel free to reach out to Caroline Maddock (president@bauerspo.org) with any questions you may have.

-UH Bauer SCM major
-Senior: graduating in 2 or 3 semesters
-Bauer SPO Member
-Resume/Transcript submitted to Dr. Wayhan
-Personal interview with Dr. Wayhan
-Academic advising each semester
-Complete Core 6 SCM courses
-Complete Required SCM electives
– Complete Four Educational Enrichment Modules



If you are interested email your resumes to vwayhan@uh.edu

Deadline EXTENDED to apply: Email Wayhan by February 16th, 2018